Commercial Refrigeration in Lathrup Village

Commercial refrigeration units are essential for the operations of a business that stores perishable goods. When they malfunction or require maintenance, you need a qualified technician to step in. The Air King's comprehensive refrigeration services are all you need for access to licensed installation, repair, and maintenance expertise.

Ensure your Lathrup Village business remains uncompromised by appliance issues and is equipped with premium commercial refrigeration units. Contact us at (313) 274-4320 for swift and expert services.

Speak With a Technician

Hire Seasoned Refrigeration Installation Specialists

Boasting years of experience, we're a team of refrigeration installation specialists who have set up countless refrigerators ranging in a variety of makes and models. Every business has unique demands and layout dimensions, so we're well-versed in installing large and small units.

Here are some of the more common types of commercial refrigeration units we install:

  • Reach-in refrigerators
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Undercounter fridges
  • Display refrigerators
  • Blast chillers
  • Merchandising freezers
  • Chest freezers
  • Ice machines
  • ...and more!

We employ the most effective installation techniques and the finest tools to complete the job perfectly. Getting it done right from the start is our goal and something we never waiver from. 

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

Our technicians know how crucial it is to keep your products cool and fresh for the success of your business. So, when your unit is on the fritz and needs repairs, we'll be there to restore your refrigeration and freezer appliances to their full functionality.

Partner with us for the following services:

  • Temperature control repairs
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Evaporator and condenser coil repairs
  • Door seal replacements
  • Coolant recharging
  • Defrosting services
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Drainage solutions
  • ...and more!

When you look to us, you'll find trusted, trained, and licensed refrigeration technicians who can solve problems quickly to get your business back to normal.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Service

Keeping your commercial fridge maintained is the best way to preserve your perishables and keep your customers happy. The golden rule is to have your unit serviced every six months to ensure the components and motors function optimally and uncover underlying issues.

Our comprehensive service includes regular maintenance visits where we inspect the entire fridge and conduct all the necessary tune-ups. If we isolate an issue that needs to be repaired, we'll discuss a service plan with you to deal with it immediately and prevent the problem from expanding.

For cost-effective, reliable services, call us today!

Emergency Fridge Repairs

Running a commercial establishment is taxing. From daily operations to long-term planning and decision-making, there is little time to deal with much else. The last thing you need is to deal with a faulty refrigeration system that leaves your perishables vulnerable, which is why our emergency fridge repair services should be your first step.

When your units suddenly go down, you can rely on us to be at your doorstep when you need us, prepared with tools in hand to make the required repairs. We'll have you back up and running with an ice-cold refrigeration unit in no time.

Reach us for immediate fridge repair service from a team of HVAC experts who put your business first and work hard to solve any appliance issues quickly.

Signs That You Need Fridge Repair Services

Several indicators may signal that it's time to call the experts for repair services for your commercial fridge. These signs might look like:

  • Frost build-up
  • Unexplained changes in temperature
  • Odors emitting from the unit
  • Uncommon noises
  • Water drips and leaks from the engine and hose

If you've noticed one or more of these signs, don't hesitate to call us right away and schedule a service appointment.

Commercial Fridge Services From Licensed HVAC Contractor

The Air King is a fully licensed contractor with all the necessary business credentials to administer our services. We only hire the best HVAC technicians in the area and ensure they remain updated on the most effective service techniques.

As an industry leader, we stay in the now when it comes to emerging models and product updates to ensure you receive the best service and professional guidance possible.

The Air King: Lathrup Village's Best Commercial Refrigeration Company

We pride ourselves on being the best commercial refrigeration company serving Lathrup Village, always here for our clients when they need an experienced HVAC pro to sort out their refrigeration needs.

No one likes wasting time and money on a service provider that does a mediocre job and lacks customer service. That's why you should look to us for an investment that's worth your while. When you're our client, we promise to leave you with a highly efficient, optimal fridge and the smoothest customer experience possible.

Here are all the reasons why we're the best company for you:

  • We charge competitive prices.
  • We're a licensed, experienced company.
  • We employ friendly, professional HVAC technicians.
  • We give you access to a full suite of services.
  • We promise prompt response times.
  • We strive for fast turnarounds.
  • We work with all makes and models.
  • We offer preliminary consultations.

Get the service you need and deserve with us. Reach us at your convenience for prompt and professional fridge repairs that leave nothing to be desired!

Get Great Rates From Commercial Refrigeration Technicians

Keeping our rates low is something we prioritize. Applying streamlined processes and building a team of efficient technicians, we reduce the time it takes to conduct services, resulting in lower base fees.

We've fostered long-lasting relationships with suppliers, giving us access to deals on new units for installations and replacement parts for malfunctioning appliances. With us, you don't only get access to unmatched quality services-you get to enjoy rates that work well with most budgets.

Are you working within financial constraints or simply looking for great value in your commercial fridge service investment? We're the high-quality, affordable contractor you need! Call now to request an upfront, honest quote.

Call Now for Quality Commercial Refrigeration Services

Don't settle for less than the best when we're one phone call away. As your HVAC contractor, we'll leave you with a fridge you can rely on to keep your perishables cold and fresh at all hours of the day. Whether you need new installations, repairs, or standard maintenance, there's no better choice than us to oversee the work.

Reach us today at (313) 274-4320 to learn more about our prices or to inquire about a specific service you need. If you require immediate assistance, we'll dispatch a technician at your preferred date and time.