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The Air King is the name to know in Redford Charter Township for all your commercial refrigeration needs. Please get in touch with our team if you’ve been looking to work with an all-around commercial refrigerator expert. Contact us if you’d like to use our commercial refrigeration expertise and our fiercely competitive prices.

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Experienced Commercial Refrigeration Techs

Entrust our experience for your commercial refrigeration needs. We’ve been working with commercial refrigerators for many years now, and because of that, we can help you with any refrigerator issue that you face.

With experience comes knowledge. Our many years of in-the-field experience have rendered us local commercial refrigeration experts. Whether you need us to install a new refrigeration system, help you with maintenance to keep your system running, or you need us to repair your commercial refrigerator—we are the team for the job.

If you have an issue with your commercial refrigerator, we’d like to hear about it. Get a quote and schedule an appointment with us today!

Commercial Refrigeration Installation

We make commercial refrigeration installation easy. You’ll find our team more than accommodating to your needs. We will work with you to schedule the appointment at a time that works for you, and we’ll be highly communicative throughout the process. Once our team shows up, we’ll get straight to work. In many cases, commercial refrigeration systems are quite large. Most installations will need to take place outside of your operating hours, and we’re used to that. Our team will work hard until the job is done. When it comes to completing our clients’ projects, we have a one-track mind. Our work isn’t done until your new system is fully functional.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Semi-regular refrigeration system maintenance is the best thing you can do for the longevity of your system. When was the last time that you had your commercial refrigerator maintained? If it’s been more than a year, it’s time for you to contact our team to schedule an appointment.

Our expert technicians will begin a full inspection of your system when we show up. The most common services we’ll provide when completing routine maintenance on your fridge system will be:

  • Cleaning the coils
  • Checking gaskets
  • Changing filters
  • Checking the door seal
  • Assessing the temperature control system
  • And more

By checking out these critical aspects, we’ll be able to see how your refrigerator is performing. Once we’ve completed our maintenance inspection, we’ll have a complete understanding of the state of your refrigerator, and we’ll tell you when the next time you should call us in for maintenance should be.

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From Quote to Completion Quality Service

Before we are anything else, we are service providers. How our clients feel about our services is very important to us, and we will work hard to ensure you are happy that you chose us from when you call us to the moment we shake your hand goodbye.

We pride ourselves on being highly communicative, completely transparent, accurate with our information, and thorough with our services. Contact us to get started.

Commercial Refrigeration Expertise

At The Air King, we know all there is to know about commercial refrigerator and freezer services. We have the knowledge, training, experience, and skills to handle just about anything. That's what makes us the best choice for all your commercial freezer and cooler needs. But that's not all that makes us exceptional we're also hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about our work.

With all these great attributes, it's not hard to see why we have so many loyal clients who rely on us to serve all their commercial fridge and freezer needs.

Contact us now at (313) 274-4320 to learn more about what makes us great, and why we're the perfect choice for your commercial property.


The Air King's Commercial Refrigeration Services

Our company has been working in the freezer and refrigeration industry for quite some time now and it has given us a lot of insight. After working with many clients, we've learned that one of the top requirements for clients is choice and options. And that's why we proudly offer a variety of different services to suit all your commercial freezer needs. From installation and repairs to inspections and maintenance, we do it all. And no matter what type of system you have, we have you covered.

So, whether it's a commercial refrigerator, freezer, or cooler, call us up and ask. We offer services on all types of commercial refrigeration appliances, both big and small and are sure to have the solution to your needs.

Top-Quality Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Services

Extensive training, considerable skills, knowledge, and of course, experience these are all the qualities that go into making us the very best fridge and freezer contractors in town. We've dedicated our lives to mastering our craft, and we stand behind everything we do. Everything from the initial phone call to the day of work and the clean-up is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Once you see our work, you'll understand why all our clients say we're the best commercial refrigeration service crew they've ever hired.

Affordable Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Service Rates

High prices? Add-ons? Overhead fees? Not with us. We're a proudly local small business, and that's how we will always run our company with the integrity and honesty you can only get from proud Redford Charter Twp locals. We believe in making our services affordable for all our clients, so you can rest assured that we only charge reasonable rates for superior work by professionals.

Of course, prices can vary based on different factors, so we encourage you to call us for a free quote or estimate on commercial rates.

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