1. My Furnace Will Not Turn On What Should I Do?

First check and make sure the switch on the side of your furnace is turned to the “On”position and/or switched to the “Upward” position. The second step is to verify that the circuit breaker is on and has not switched off for some reason. Next you should check the thermostat to make sure it is pointed to the “furnace” position.

You will also want to check and make sure the LED diagnostic light inside your furnace is on and not flashing an error code. Remember, the shelf life of a thermostat is one about 10 years and the battery should last you a year or so. If you’ve followed these important steps and your furnace still will not turn on then you need to call the “Air King” for furnace repair. We recommend you change your battery before call us for service.

2. What Do I Do If My Furnace Turns On But Goes Back Off In A Few Seconds?

This is a very common problem with furnaces, and typically it comes from a carbon build-up on the flame sensor. If you look on the side of the burner you’ll see a small flame sensor; it has a single wire running through it and then down to a metal rod that sits inside the burner. Sometimes this rod gets buildup that does not allow it to function properly. The first step is to allow things to cool down for 30 minutes or so, and then clean off the flame sensor with emery cloth. If that does not do the trick then you need to have us run a complete diagnostics on the unit, but typically a proper cleaning is enough to do the trick.

3. My Furnace Turns On But It Makes A Humming Sound… What Should I Do?

Most likely your induced draft motor is locked up for some reason or it’s not getting proper electricity flow. Sometimes debris can clog the motor, so examine it very carefully as well as the surrounding parts, and then clean off anything that may be causing trouble. If this does not solve your problem then we need to examine the unit completely and possibly replace the motor.

4. What Should I Do If My Furnace Is Running But The Airflow Is Not Hot?

Most likely your furnace is suffering from a faulty igniter or dirty flame sensor (as we discussed previously). Check and clean the flame sensor with emery cloth, and if that doesn’t fix the problem then inspect the igniter to ensure its’ glowing orange and attempting ignition. Your flame sensor or the igniter typically last about five years or so, and with proper cleaning every year it can last you up to 30 percent longer and be trouble free. This is another reason to have us perform an inexpensive maintenance check every season to avoid breakdowns and unnecessary problems with your unit.