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Geothermal Units

Your loop system is the heart of geothermal technology. Regardless of the option you select, it will deliver over 300% efficient comfort and savings for many years into the future. Your local geothermal dealer Air King will help you select the proper loop system based on a site survey and by conducting a detailed energy analysis of your home. Installing a geothermal loop system is like getting a 70% discount on energy for the life of your home.


Vertical Loop: This loop is used mainly when land area is limited and in retrofit applications of existing homes. A drilling rig is used to bore holes at of depth of 150 to 200 feet. A U-shaped coil of high density pipe is inserted into the bore hole. The holes are then backfilled with a sealing solution.

Horizontal Loop: This is the most common loop used when adequate land area is available. Loop installers use excavation equipment such as chain trenchers, backhoes and track hoes to dig trenches approximately 6-8 feet deep. Trench lengths range from 100 to 300 feet, depending on the loop design and application.

High-Efficiency Geothermal Unit for Excellent Performance – Carrier’s GT-PG series offers exceptional quality and high performance. A single-stage scroll compressor, combined with Puron® refrigerant, optional variable-speed motor, tin plated coil, microprocessor control and quiet operation make this a great choice. Available in vertical top flow, vertical bottom flow and horizontal flow, all with optional hot-water generator. In sizes from 1.5 through 6 tons.

Ultra-High-Efficient Geothermal Unit for Total Home Comfort – Carrier’s popular GT-PX series is our highest rated geothermal unit, featuring Puron® refrigerant; a two-stage compressor for efficiency; variable speed blower for comfort; tin plated coil; microprocessor control; and a robust, insulated cabinet for quiet operation. Available in vertical top flow, vertical bottom flow and horizontal flow, all with optional hot-water generator. In sizes from 2 through 6 tons.

High-Temperature Hot-Water Heating for Radiant/Hydronic Applications – Carrier’s GT-PW water-to-water model delivers hot-water temperatures of up to 145°F for demanding radiant or hydronic applications. Scroll compressor, Puron® refrigerant and onboard controls make this unit an exceptional performer. And it’s about 5 times more efficient than a traditional boiler. Euro-style cabinet design for aesthetics and quiet operation. Available in a 3 ton size.

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