Your air conditioner air filter can get clogged up over time. If you do not change it periodically, you can cause your A/C to work harder than it needs to. Air filters are cheap and easy to replace, so there is no reason for you to let yours get clogged. Here we will answer the question, “How often should I replace my air filter?”

Factors That Determine When To Change Your Air Filters

Standard air filters are supposed to be changed every 30-69 days, but that does not mean you need to change yours that often. You may only need to change yours twice a year, depending on your situation. Here are some of the factors that determine when you should replace your air filters:

  • Pets: Single-handedly the biggest influential factors in air filter replacement. Cats, dogs, and other pets shed, and the hair they fleck off can get trapped in the air filter. The more pets you have, the more often you will need to change out your filter.
  • Number of Occupants: Every person in the house brings in a new level of pollution, dust, and movement. Thus homes with only one or two people in them can usually go for a long time without replacing their air filters.
  • Air Filters: the type of filter you use will also determine how often you change it out. You might not want to pay for the top-of-the-line air filter, but chances are it is more efficient than the cheap one you plan to buy. You won’t have to replace the more expensive one as often, in most cases.
  • Air Pollution: If there is a lot of construction or pollution near your home, you will probably have to change out your filter more often than most people. If the air quality gets better over time, you can reduce the frequency.

Every home is a little different, so do not automatically assume you need to abide by the rules for “normal” homes. You need to find what works best for you.

Common Timeframes For Replacing Air Filters

As a rule of thumb, abide by these timeframes to replace your air filter:

  • Single occupant, no pets, no allergies: 6-12 months
  • Single occupant, no pets, allergies: 2-4 months
  • Small family, no pets: 90 days
  • Single occupant or small family, one pet: 60 days
  • Multiple pets or heavy allergies: 30-45 days

Check your air filter on a regular basis to make sure you catch it when it needs to be changed.

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