With the summer heat on its way, you may soon see a spike in your electricity bill. That is probably because you’re using your air conditioning to keep your house cool. There is nothing wrong with cranking up the AC, but you could be spending more money on air conditioning bills than you should. Here are some tips showing how to save money on air conditioning costs.

Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected

Have a professional HVAC inspector take a look at your air conditioning unit before the summer. If you need any air conditioning repairs done, you should have them completed before the heat kicks in. Damaged AC units can easily eat away at your monthly budget because they cannot function the way they are supposed to. If you get your repairs completed early on, you won’t have to worry about that.

Keep Your Windows Closed

If you are going to run your AC unit, don’t open your windows. You can have fans running to circulate the incoming air, but don’t let your AC run. It will try to compensate for the temperature outside, rather than maintaining the temp in your home. If you live in an older home or one that is not properly insulated, consider resealing your windows to keep as much air in as possible. You want your air conditioning to remain inside at all times.

Turn It Off When You’re Gone

If you’re going to be out of the house all day, turn your air conditioning off or increase the temperature it has to maintain. This may make your home unpleasant when you first get in, but it will save you from cooling a house no one is in. If you have or plan to purchase a thermostat with time settings, you can simply tell your AC to kick on about 30 minutes before you get home. Then it will be off all day but still ready to go when you’re around.

Avoid The Stove And Oven

The stove and oven in your home are both major sources of heat when you cook. Just opening your oven door can make your kitchen much hotter than it should be, which will force your air conditioning to go into overdrive. Try to cook in the microwave or take advantage of the ample grilling opportunities the summer provides. You’ll save money on air conditioning and have a great time outdoors.

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