Detroit area residents like you use a number of electronic appliances at home like your furnace, air conditioner and small kitchen appliances. Constant use of these machines causes wear and tear and a decrease of efficiency over time. Therefore, regular maintain and repair is a crucial and has proven to increase performance and lifespan.

In fact, a pre-season maintenance for your furnace, heater and air conditioner ensures smooth operation of the system and provides the required comfort levels during the winter and the summer seasons. Regular maintenance programs for your furnace, air conditioner or HVAC unit; weather for your business or residential furnace and air conditioner will dramatically reduce your energy bills every month and add years of life.

Does Preventative Maintenance Of My Furnace Save Money?

Did you know that preventative maintenance during the spring and fall will keep your heating and cooling system running its best, and it will also significantly add to the lifespan of your HVAC unit? Your cooling system or air conditioning unit needs a proper maintenance by a licensed HVAC contractor in Michigan before the beginning of summer, and the same rule applies for the heating or furnace system at your home or business prior to the cold winter months. You can always count on the Michigan licensed heating and cooling contractors at the Air King in Detroit for proper maintenance and repair of your system.

We also install new furnaces, new air conditioning systems and provide commercial HVAC installation and experienced refrigeration service. Also, it’s always wise to enter into an annual or bi-annual service agreement weather you live in Detroit or Metro Detroit; since we service the entire Southeast Michigan area. This guarantees your HVAC system will always be running at full capacity and avoids unnecessary breakdowns. This will deliver you the lowest possible energy costs over the long haul and minimize or eliminate breakdowns.

Where Can I Find A Furnace Repair Contractor In Detroit?

There are quite a few heating and cooling contractors in Detroit offering comprehensive services, but only the Air King has the experience and know how with highly trained technicians that do the job right 100% guaranteed! We always check both the internal and external components of your furnace or air conditioner as well as drain openings, dirt and dust accumulation, compressor functions, proper wiring, heating and AC components and air filters. Our very experienced technicians are licensed HVAC contractors in Michigan and we’ve been in business since 1984.

In addition, before our technicians begin to repair your furnace or AC unit in Detroit or Metro Detroit they always check the system for any weakness or potential failure. This simple and cost effective procedure ensures that you get the most out of your furnace and AC at home or at work; and it prolongs the machines lifespan and delivers better performance. This is also a primary factor in conserving energy and saving you money, so don’t hesitate to get your furnace or air conditioner properly serviced and maintained by the Air King today!