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Restaurant Equipment


Prep tables – If you’re looking for the perfect spot to place your equipment, The Air King has countless shapes and sizes of equipment stands to meet your needs! Our tables are built to stand tough in the business commercial kitchens!

Food displays – Air King provides reprogrammable controllers to control temperature and airflow for food service equipment such as ovens, hot food display cabinets, refridgeration systems, and more. Our expertise in automated software updates, multiple cooking programs, user interfaces to reprogram the display based on food type helps you manage the look, function and branding of your equipment.

Fryers – The Frymaster FPGL430-8C split pot gas floor fryer requires 40% less oil to cook as much food as frypots almost twice its size, while using 10% less energy and producing less waste! With four split frypots in one unit, this fryer offers the versatility you need to fry several different items at the same time without the risk of flavor transfer.

To monitor and help control food and oil quality, oil life, and equipment performance, the Frymaster FPGL430-8C is engineered with innovative SMART4U™ Technology. Two independent centerline thermostats with 1 degree Fahrenheit anticipating action predict the rate of temperature rise and reduce temperature overshoot, for better tasting, more uniform results, while a COOL Mode feature reduces the temperature when the fryer is not in use and saves energy.

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