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Property Management

The Air King provides unparalleled service for many property management company’s for the Metro Detroit area. From heating to air conditioning to indoor air quality, our seasoned HVAC technicians have the expertise to keep your commercial and residential property running smoothly!

We understand the frustration you go through as a property manager. When a tenant calls with a problem, they want it fixed…ASAP! You can’t afford to wait several days for your handyman to “get around to it.” You need a qualified professional on-site NOW! You need the Air King!

We offer convenient online scheduling and management of every service order you submit. Conveniently view your status online in real-time from dispatch to completion.


We complete service calls quickly, efficiently with the highest quality at a reasonable price. We treat your clients with the utmost respect and courtesy, ensuring high tenant/client satisfaction. For managers, we offer low flat rate pricing on installation of furnaces and hot water tanks. Same day service is available when calls are received before 2 pm. We guarantee it or receive a ten percent discount. We offer 24 hour emergency service for an additional $45 for after hours and weekend calls.

Flat rate pricing as follows (includes labor)

  • Furnace NEW 70,000 btu York $950 installed
  • Furnace NEW 90,000 btu York $1050 installed
  • Furnace NEW 80,000 btu York 95.5 % efficiency $1750 installed
  • Return boot drop w/ associated furnace install $125
  • Gas line kit w/associated furnace install $65 includes 6′ max of gas line, aga approved shutoff, union, and drip leg.
  • Electric drop w/ associated furnace install $65 includes 8′ max electric line, switch, box, n cover.
  • Complete exhaust run Max 10′ $65
  • Transition plenum $40 up to 16″
  • Transition plenum $65 16-24″
  • Transition plenum $85 24″-40″
  • Transition plenum larger than 40″ prices vary
  • New 40 gallon Hot water tank installed $450
  • 18 inch Copper w/ shut off valve to tank $75
  • Single family Conversion from radiant (boiler, steam, hot water, radiators) to forced air furnace with duct work and vent covers $4000
  • 2 family w/ 2 independent furnaces Conversion from radiant (boiler, steam, hot water, radiators) to forced air furnace with duct work and vent covers $6500
  • City permits available at actual cost for all services

Flat Rate Service – Prices Include Labor

  • Furnace Blower motor replacement $360
  • Ignitor $155 (Most)
  • Circuit boards vary
  • Induced draft motors vary
  • 24V Fan center $163
  • Transformer $125
  • Heat only Thermostat $95
  • Digital programmable Thermostat heat and cool $125
  • Flame sensor $92
  • Thermocouples $95 (Hot Water Tanks & Furnaces)
  • Furnace gas valves (most) $185
  • Smart gas valve $360 (Most)
  • Smart ignitor $185
  • Ignition modules vary
  • Thermopile $124
  • Hot water tank thermostatic gas valve $188
  • Furnace clean and check $37 (After Rebate)
  • Heat certifications $40
  • 5 inch chimney liner $300 with wye for furnace and hot water tank connection
  • Low water cut offs $455 (Boilers)
  • Automatic water feeders $465 (Boilers)
  • Travel fees $45 if more than 20 miles from office (Waived With Maintenance Contract)
  • All others are $75 service charge including first hours labor, and parts. Each additional hour at $75
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